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Wenn Sie aus meiner Veranstaltung gehen,
haben sie etwas über indische Kunst und
Kultur und deren Verknüpfung mit vielen, auch alltäglichen, Lebensbereichen erfahren.



G a u r a   S i t a r

My offer

Sitar Music lessons
lessons with the sitar Private lessons 30 € per hour                            15 €  half hour Group lessons, 3 to 5 people 15 € per hour Topics of my lesson: Technique of playing ragas Exercises, training also available: sitar meditation, mantra, bhajan Contact Me


The Berlin sitar player "Gaura Shakti" (aka Peter Simon) studied various spiritual teachings for many decades (with stays in India) and combines this deep knowledge in his music. Not only during his stays and study in India did he internalize the way of life and culture, but also during the seven years he lived and worked in the Hindu temple.

He learned the sitar playing on concert level with the well-known 

Indian sitar masters Subroto Roy Chowdhuri and Govinda Goswami.





I kindly offer to You Mantra and Bhajan with sitar accompaniment; Sitar Meditation. Inspired by the sitar, also friends of the classical Indian music become enchanted. 
A Raga is a classical Indian piece of music, at special times of the day or night, according to the respective annual cycle.
  Gaura sings bhajans with the sitar at numerous events and many kirtans. I think that this special kind of mantra singing will also mean an enrichment for your program.  
With the sitar, I take the audience on a journey into the Indian way of life. If you go out of my event, they have something about Indian art and Experience culture and its connection with many, even everyday, areas of life. It opens for you a window into another dimension of music and new insights about yourself.  




All living things deserve respect, which also sounds in the raga music.
Indian music, like all Indian arts, is related to meditation and perception.
The sacred sounds of the bhajan give auspicious circumstances to all beings
and transform the relationship between nature and man into the transcendental.


Forging some creative plans for his future
and will continue to delight fans with
exquisite music style.